Great Speakers Use Acting Skills

public speaking using acting skills

*ACTING is …

Time and time again I’ve been astonished by the outstanding personal, professional and artistic break-throughs in my Acting Classes due to the exploration of ACTING SKILLS.  

We, as actors, know that actng is wacky and magic but it has some very specific benefits to all professions and arts—

o Acting is about self-expression and breaking self-limiting barriers.

o Acting is an investigation of Life.

o Acting – the process of not separating yourself from what you do.

o Acting asks you to be propelled from deep inside.

o Acting helps you to live in the shoes of another.

o Acting provides tools to more deeply explore your own humanity connecting you to everything and everyone resulting in a heightened awareness of life.

o Acting teaches you that tolerance for uncertainty is the pre-requisite for success.

o Acting offers the ability to be authentic.

o Acting reminds you how to be present.

o Acting helps you to realize that it’s not about you, it’s about the story.


May 1, 2009 - Posted by | acting skills, fear of speaking, Public Speaking

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