Great Speakers Use Acting Skills

public speaking using acting skills

*SUCCESS – Actors, Speakers, and everybody else too!

The following quote from an Acting Coach in Glasgow sums up what I think about success in any field.  And if you’re not paying attention to these words, maybe you should take an acting class.  By the way I have found this to be true of my acting class after 20 years of teaching.

“It takes much more than simply talent, and perhaps talent isn’t enough.   I am continually surprised when inexperienced actors that demonstrate no initial ‘talent’ in my classes end up producing incredible scenes.

Those people that struggle the most, are those that are inflexible in mind, those that have difficulty affecting (others) and being affected (by others).

Those people that talk but don’t listen, watch but don’t see. Those people that are particularly unaware of their self.

Everyone struggles to learn something new, it always feels awkward and wrong to learn a new skill, but it is those people that cannot get out of their own way (by themselves or with help) that will struggle the most with becoming an actor.

Mark Westbrook from his Acting Blog

Barbara Kite is an Executive Speaking & Professional Acting Coach, actress and director who resides in Portland Oregon


June 15, 2009 - Posted by | acting skills, presentations, Public Speaking

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