Great Speakers Use Acting Skills

public speaking using acting skills

*3 vocal tips actors use for speaking

The first one is rarely addressed.

ENERGY – which is so needed in speakers these days.  Do you speak to an audience the way you speak in your daily life, with friends and colleagues, occupying a very small energy space?  You won’t draw people in.

Instead try filling  the room you are speaking in,  with your energy.  How do you do that?  It’s not about being louder.  It’s about being present.  It’s about imagining that you are covering your body over the whole area and make yourself  bigger.  Give all of you to the audience.

The second one is BREATHING.  Breathing before you speaking and speaking on the breath (not holding it – please).  Breathing before every couple of sentences.  It will center your voice and your energy bringing it down to your abdomen – the source of your energry and voice.

The third is SLOW DOWN.  Too many speakers don’t give an audience time to absorb what they have just said and rush forward with the next thought, thinking they are leaving too much empty space.  Pauses are your friends.  And remember give each word it’s total value.  Last night I had an actor in class who grouped his words togther  –  I’mvery  happy  toseeyouagain.  Give each word value and say the whole word.  Of course it helps if someone is guiding you.  Habits are hard to break.

Oh and just a suggestion – take an acting class.

Barbara Kite is an executive speaking coach and professional acting coach as well as a professional actress and director.

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*Workshop – Great Speakers with Acting Skills

 great speakers with acting

 skills workshop


speak with the training received

 by professional actors


3294 SE Hawthorne Blvd.



visit web site








10 AM TO 4 PM (1/2 HR BREAK)


15% discount for early registration – before September 1, 2009


speaking is like performing – it requires, authenticity, heightened energy and great story telling tools,

Speaking requires heightened reality and that means you have to focus, be prepared, be passionate, be authentic, be present and be electric.

Where do you go to practice successful new techniques with a supportive coach who is an expert in her field – the person who can help you become truly authentic and compelling in your presentations and daily communications, the person who can give you the individual support and the unique acting tools you need to become a powerful speaker? 


You can’t practice new techniques in front of your superiors or co-workers or customers or audience! 

AND REMEMBER: – “CLIENTS DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU KNOW, UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE.”  Authentic communication lets them see the real you and the real passion you have. 

“Barbara’s skill and generosity of spirit are evident in both her teaching style and casual conversation. She offers a great model of being open-hearted and spontaneous that is very inspiring. With her encouragement, I was able to address a large professional group, and hold the audience’s attention for a full-day training, feeling confident and relaxed.”
“Barbara’s workshop helped me focus my presentation and pace myself very effectively. Her attitude about public speaking as a natural extension of our own personality and genuineness is refreshing and enjoyable! I heartily recommend work with Barbara for anyone who would like better skills and more fun out of speaking to groups.” 

Kate McNulty LCSW
(503) 295-6265 *******************************************************************************************************

“Thank you so much for your coaching! What I got from your workshop was to be ‘present’ but not in a formal way, but in a more authentic way. And secondly, being myself and remembering that I had a ‘gift’ was also important—you were right, I knew more about the topic than they did and I knew something that could help them!”  

Sarah Seeland, formerly with Vesta Corporation 


“Your workshop has given me a new awareness of the quality of a presentation. I learned that a presentation is not about you but about giving the information that you have and visualizing the information that is delivered. It was deeper than that and it is in fact hard to put into words. Thank you.”


Marie- Pierre Hasne (OHSU Research Scientist) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 

You can have Authenticity and Power in your Public Speaking  

by learning and practicing Acting Skills. 

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