Great Speakers Use Acting Skills

public speaking using acting skills


Vocal Work is so neglected with speakers and so important and makes such a huge difference when the voice is trained and used properly.  So appealing,  So attractive.  So soothing.  So entrancing.  But most speakers think THEY DON’T NEED VOCAL WORK.  THEY ARE SO WRONG.

I am currently a third of the way through a 18 week course in Vocal Work  for Actors (not singing – speaking) and it is amazing.   I am reminded of the huge importance of the speaking voice and  I have been reflecting on how many of my clients need this kind of work.

Y0u want people to be attracted to your voice so they will listen to what you have to say.  And I find so many speakers with shrill voices teaching speakers to speak but I never hear of them teaching vocal work.  There are so few good teachers in that area.  We happen to be very lucky in Portland Oregon where Devon Allen who was taught by Ceciley Berry of the Royal Shakespeare Company and has years of experience teaching and using these methods in her work as a director and actress.  She taught workshops in New  York to lawyers, improving their vocal quality, as well as actors in Londong and New York.

Breathing and daily exercising the diaphragm and speaking on the breath and  ennunciating using all the muscles, in your face and so much more, are part of our work.

What a difference it makes to speak with diaphgramatic support instead of  from the upper chest where it is shallow and quite and thin.  The difference of unpleasant and appealing. 

I’ll be sending information in the next couple of months about a very special workshop just for public speakers.

For the time being let’s hear about your vocal challenges and maybe they can be addressed in this blog.

Barbara Kite is an Executive Speaking Coach and a Professional Acting Coach who resides in Portland, Oregon


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